A team joined by online collaboration sites, brings you the game titled “Rize of the Summonds.” Rize of the Summonds is a 2D metroidvania game in which player have the power to transform with limitless time. These transformations includes a dragon, wraith, orc and many more Summonds. These summonds have different physical characteristics, and abilities. Use the transformation mechanic in order to travel to new areas, defeat enemies, overcome traps and solve awesome puzzles.

This metroidvania game, Rize of the Summonds, is designed so that the player will have to strategically transform due to certain encounters, and having to manage long ranged weapon or spell counts/ammunition. Rize Abov team was highly inspired by AAA titles including Dark Souls and Super Mario series. Inspiration also came from these metroidvania: Castlevania – Symphony of the Night, Outland, Dust: An Elysian Tail, and Salt and Sanctuary.



Rize of the Summonds Quick Story: The Kingdom of Elaria was a kingdom whose citizens lived peacefully for 1,000s of years. It was ruled by a man named King Nasir. Nasir was just a righteous king. He defended his people from the first Demon legion that attacked Elaria and its neighboring villages. Nasir defeated the Demon Lord, Ysera. But not just with his army, but with the help of creatures called the Summonds. Nasir absorbed the powers of these creatures and defeated Ysera. As a result, Nasir slowly began to lose his grip on his humanity. the powers of these creatures are still demonic. Because he obtained all of these powers, the people of Elaria no longer viewed Nasir as human. They started to fear him. On the verge of destroying Ysera, Ysera tells Nasir that he can help him regain his humanity……..

……..The magic needed to do that would relieve Nasir of his demonic energy and eventually turn him human again. Because the Summonds did not trust Ysera, they decided to disobey Nasir and separate themselves from him. This allowed Ysera to control him in their place. Nasir becomes the new Demon lord as the summonds flee……..



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